Importance of driving well-maintained semi-trucks

Huge cargo vehicles like semi-trucks, at all times, should be properly maintained to prevent mechanical problems that may translate to tragic accidents. A neglected braking problem in trucks can cost many lives on the road.

Before operating semi-trucks, drivers should make sure that the parts and accessories of the vehicle they are driving are in normal working condition. A lawyer at Ausband & Dumont said that to protect the safety of truck drivers and other people on the road, truck companies and truck drivers should comply with particular standards that includes inspecting vehicles.  A causation study of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2007 considers brake problem as the number one associated factor in large truck accidents. Due to its large size and weight, semi-truck trailers in Georgia are required to have service brakes on all wheels, emergency brake system, parking brake system, and breakaway braking system. Though a family who had been victim of a truck accident realized that a braking problem is the cause of their sufferings, they might not figure out who is negligent mostly if they are considering getting financial assistance as brake malfunction is a complex problem. Contractors that provide maintenance for truck companies or sometimes trucking companies themselves can be blamed in braking-related accidents. Other parties like negligent truck drivers, brake manufacturers and businesses that hire freight services can also be blamed in brake failure accidents. However, a family who had experienced such tragedy may want to consider working with a lawyer mostly if the parties being held responsible are blaming each other after the crash.

Many accidents involving trucks often lead to deaths leaving families in deep pain and they have to cope with expensive funeral services. On the other hand, victims of truck accidents who are lucky enough to survive may require continuous therapy mostly if they have been permanently disabled. Survivors of truck accidents oftentimes find themselves dealing with financial loss as they can no longer get a job due to their disabilities.

Whiplash: A More Serious Injury Than You Think

Motor vehicle collisions occur with alarming consistency all over America. According to the United States Census Bureau, an overwhelming amount of car accidents were claimed annually until 2009 between the years 2005 to. All-in-all, the data gathered from the agency revealed that the average of 10.6 thousand incidents happened annually in 5 years’ course.

Accidents that change in intensity were resulted in by a substantial part of these documented injuries. Severe collisions are not unknown to trigger deadly situations including head stress and back destruction. Even though their incidents may seem less scary, subjects of accidents that were minimal may also be left to experience injuries that may abandon them disabled for a while. A good example of such an injury is whiplash.

Whiplash is really a problem that affects a person’s ability to transfer back and their scalp. It occurs once the throat is forced to maneuver in an immediate back-and-forth motion, equally as a beat could transfer when making its remarkable cracking sound. This type of injury is typically the result of the rear end and sudden-stop accidents. It usually begins as rigidity and pain in the neck, which ultimately worsens through the period. According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, additional signs include ache or weakness in the arms, severe headaches, and pain that radiates throughout the back and neck. In circumstances, whiplash is also known to nerve damage, together with tears and hernias to the spinal disc.

Without correct therapy, whiplash can also be recognized to result in many issues. The pain due to the damage may seriously influence a person’s flexibility. The immediate importance of medical focus cannot be highlighted enough as managing many months, whiplash may take. Car wreck patients who suffer from the injury should endure an activity of pain management, real therapy, and exercise in order to make a full healing.